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Thornebrooke Elementary

Thornebrooke Elementary’s Elle Mangin earns a perfect score in the 2017 Noetic Learning Math Contest.

Elle Mangin of Thornebrooke Elementary, along with several classmates, participated in the Noetic Learning Math Contest. She has competed in the semiannual national event four times and was the top performer for her school’s team at her grade level all four times. Elle is also a four-time National Honor Roll recipient. During the spring 2017 competition, Elle earned a perfect score!

Westbrooke Elementary

Whiskers joins 2016-17 Westbrook Elementary teachers and students for Spirit Night.

Westbrooke Elementary held a Spirit Night at Peachwave Self Serve Frozen Yogurt during the past school year. Teachers, students and their families dined on yummy yogurt and even had a special visit from Whiskers, the school’s mascot.

Windermere Elementary

(L. to r.) Art teacher Tracy Gore, Earth Day Art Contest winner and 2016-17 fourth-grader Rocco Sioson, and science teacher Lynn Tidmus of Windermere Elementary present a $1,800 check to The Turtle Hospital.

Windermere Elementary students helped give Florida’s original sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation facility a financial boost in caring for some of its longtime residents. The Turtle Hospital in Marathon received a donation of $1,800 as part of WES’s Windermere Cares project and proceeds from its annual Earth Day Art Contest. Science teacher Lynn Tidmus challenged each grade — kindergarten through fifth — to bring in earned or spare change for two weeks to support the sea turtles. The children learned about the risks to Florida’s imperiled sea turtles and simple things they can do to help reduce those risks, like picking up trash and turning off lights at the beach. They raised $1,400 during the challenge, with the first grade raising the most money. Out of 150 submissions, fourth-grader Rocco Sioson drew the winning design for the art contest. Sales from selling the shirt with his design brought in another $400 for The Turtle Hospital.

Windy Ridge School


Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children hosts a ceremony to thank Windy Ridge School students and teachers for their donations during the school’s community service project for the 2016-17 school year.

The 2016-17 third-grade class at Windy Ridge School chose Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children as its community service project of the year. Throughout the year, the students made posters and holiday cards for children in the hospital. They culminated their project with a book donation. The entire school donated toward the fundraiser. More than 200 students donated money to purchase 260 new books and six book bins for the hospital’s Child Life program. “We chose Arnold Palmer [Hospital], because our students know that it is our community children’s hospital,” said Chelsea Rasmussen, a third-grade teacher and the leader of the project. “A lot of them are familiar with it, because they have been patients there or have had siblings be patients there.”

Et Al

VPK students at Windermere Union Church Preschool celebrate Mother’s Day with a special musical performance and handmade hats.

Bichgaing Nguyen (third from left) of West Orange High, Thomas Kelly (third from right) of Chain of Lakes Middle, Genesis Andujar (second from right) of Gotha Middle, and Mark Daniel Leongomez (far right) of Olympia High visit Orange County District 1 Commissioner Betsy VanderLey (second from left) during Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhn’s Spend a Day with the Mayor event.

During Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhn’s annual Spend a Day with the Mayor event, one student from each middle and high school that has Windermere students in attendance spent a day with the mayor. With full cooperation from Orange County Public Schools and school board member Pamela Gould, each school decided who would participate in the event. The chosen students were Genesis Andujar, Gotha Middle; Thomas Kelly, Chain of Lakes Middle; Mark Daniel Leongomez, Olympia High; and Bichgaing Nguyen, West Orange High. The day started at Windermere Town Hall, and the group proceeded to a meeting with the Municipal Advisory Committee; had lunch on Wall Street; attended meetings with their Orange County District 1 commissioner, Betsy VanderLey, and Orlando City commissioner, Sam Ings; and continued on to the Orange County Public School Board chambers, where they met a number of school board members, including Chairman Bill Sublette and Pamela Gould. After dinner, the group visited the Orange County Law Enforcement Memorial.

(L. to r.) Jonah Garcia, Jacob Klopp, Tyler O’Leslie, tutor Rebecca Garcia, Faith Morse, Avery Alvarez, Evie Schuessler, Haven Scott and Rachel Weaver from Classical Conversations’ Winter Garden North — Challenge B 2016-17 class win two mock trial competitions at the Orange County Courthouse.

A group of home-schoolers from Classical Conversations’ Winter Garden North — Challenge B 2016-17 class competed in two mock trial competitions at the Orange County Courthouse. They won both competitions with their persuasive opening and closing statements, witness portrayals, and defining and purposeful questioning by the student lawyers. The eighth-graders took on the task of memorizing a case and its components. After four months of studying and practicing, they executed with excellence. Their tutor, Rebecca Garcia, congratulates the young lawyers on their win.

(L. to r.) Rocco Gunn, Rebekka Napartovich, Otto Fernandez, Kailey Augustin, Grant Hughes, Gianna Pereira and Abbie Eanet of Premier Academy create their own pets for Pet Week.

(L. to r.) Addy Harrigan, Ava Healy, Carmine DeMonaco, Charlie Phillips, Jackson Seaberg, Addie Britt, Jackson Butcher and Jack Beucher participate in Premier Academy’s field day.

Esmenia Muhongo graduates from kindergarten at The Crenshaw School.

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