Dr. John Carrozzella Finds His Calling in Wellness

Restoring Hope for Patients

Dr. John C. Carrazzella

John C. Carrozzella, M.D., customizes a treatment plan for each patient according to his/her needs (photo by tonyrappa@capturevideo-photo.com).

It took a relentless search of finding a resolution for the debilitating symptoms of his wife’s menopause for John Carrozzella, M.D., founder of Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness in Dr. Phillips, to realize his true calling.

Having spent 25 years as a successful Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Carrozzella believed this specialty was where he would spend the entirety of his medical career. However, after extensive study and retraining in the treatments of the devastating hormonal, nutritional, sexual and even autoimmune issues of male and female patients of all ages, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine is where he found his ultimate calling.

“There is no question that I feel more fulfilled in what I’m doing in hormones and wellness,” he said. “It is a spectacular field to be in, where you can reach out and touch people and change lives in dramatic ways. Very few people are blessed with the gifts to be able to do this.”

“It’s amazing to hear [that] my patients have heard ‘there is nothing you can do, get over it’ [from other doctors]. Then, the patients come in to my office and hear that there is still hope. It is exciting to watch them leave the office restored and looking forward to their life again.”

Treating  Patients Like Family

Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness stemmed from a life-altering experience that occurred to Dr. Carrozzella and his wife, Sheryl, when, after neck surgery, Sheryl’s health suddenly declined. She found herself lacking energy, having daily meltdowns, night sweats and a disinterest in intimacy.

The common response among the numerous doctors and specialists that the couple went to was that Sheryl was in menopause, and there was nothing more to be done. But Dr. Carrozzella couldn’t accept that should be the final answer. He thought there had to be more that could be done to bring Sheryl back to herself again. When one hormone doctor finally found the necessary and successful treatment for Sheryl, an idea formed in the doctor’s mind.

“I thought to myself, There has got to be more to medicine than just straightening bones and fixing arthritis. So, I redirected my attention away from Orthopaedics and toward hormones and wellness,” said Dr. Carrozzella.

He then spent the next five years earning a master’s degree in metabolic and nutritional medicine from the University of South Florida and becoming an advanced fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine.

This change in career focus also led to the establishment of Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness, which specializes in treatments for male and female patients with hormonal imbalances, nutritional balances, decreased sex drive, sexual dysfunction and immune system disorders, among other conditions.

The services offered at the center include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women, integrative and natural care for cholesterol and sugar metabolism issues,  O-shots for women’s sexual dysfunction, Priapus shots for male sexual restoration, nonsurgical care for urinary incontinence, and cosmetic procedures such as Botox Cosmetic and the Vampire Facelift.

When a new patient comes to the center, the intent is to personalize care to meet each patient’s individual needs. After paperwork and the initial bloodwork are performed, the patient has an introductory session with the doctor and subsequent meetings with the physician’s liaison to discuss the aspects of the treatment plan and any hormonal and metabolic imbalances found in the bloodwork.

Communication continues as the treatment plan begins, from an hour-long evaluation by Dr. Carrozzella about the treatment plan to regular emails, Skypes, phone calls and in-person correspondence to keep the patient informed about his/her progress.

“In this office, the patient doesn’t get a cookie-cutter plan, but instead, they get a plan customized to his/her needs that will serve him/her very well,” Dr. Carrozzella said. “They can clearly see they got the value they came for, and hope will be restored.”

And it’s not just about hormones. For those who want to go further with their health and wellness, Dr. Carrozzella will go as far as they want to get to the root of their problems, not just cover them over with drugs.

Doing More With Hormones

Witnessing his wife go from hopeless to hopeful with her medical condition is why Dr. Carrozzella sees the potential benefits that come from hormone treatments for patients. Despite unfounded objections about hormones causing cancer and higher risks of disease, the medical literature clearly shows that bioidentical hormone therapy is safe and effective when done by a qualified expert.

It is not just giving patients a pill for erectile dysfunction or an injection to help with hormones, but getting to the root of the cause of their outward issues that ultimately solves the deeper issues within the body.

“Biomedical hormones, when properly applied and monitored, don’t cause cancer, strokes or blood clots,” Dr. Carrozzella said. “I am telling patients more about the risks of not being treated than the risks of being treated, and when the hormones are finely balanced, most of the time there are few, if any, side effects.”

Dr. Carrozzella is currently introducing Trimix, an erectile dysfunction medicine, to the center. He is also offering more metabolic medicine and a new medical physiology-based weight-loss program that focuses heavily on improving a patient’s health with a resultant sustainable loss of pounds.

So, from now and into the future, Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness will continue to seek to improve the physical and hormonal needs of male and female patients, from their 30s to 90s, just as Dr. Carrozzella sought to do for his wife.

“It’s so easy to find a recipe for hormones but it’s an entirely different approach to think what you can do to make the patient’s life better.”

For more information, call 407-505-6345 or visit www.hormonesandwellness.com.  💓

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