Edu World Tutors Inc: Convenient Tutoring When Needed

Company Accommodates Students of All Ages

Natalie Alamdar, president of Edu World Tutors Inc., helps students reach their potential through affordable tutoring sessions.

Every parent of a school-age child has the same fear: One day my student will come home with an assignment I will not be able to help him or her complete. Whether with algebra, geometry, a foreign language or preparing to take the SAT or ACE, a parent reaches a point when his or her education and patience fall short. That is the time to contact Edu World Tutors Inc.

Edu World Tutors makes it easy to find the perfect tutor for the affordable price of $25 per hour, per session. The process begins by filling out a short online inquiry and paying a one-time $45 application fee. The fee can be waived if you choose directly from a listing of available professional tutors on the website. Otherwise, the company arranges for you to meet, free-of-charge, with instructors who match your profile. Edu World currently has a group of 30 tutors on its roster.

According to Natalie Alamdar, Edu World Tutors president, there are no contracts to sign, and students can continue or cancel tutoring whenever their goal is achieved.

“Students will usually start working with their tutor midway through a school year once their more challenging classes are identified,” Alamdar said.

At present, approximately 100 students are receiving one-hour tutoring sessions each week. The tutoring takes place either by phone for a quick question, online, at the student’s home, or on-site at a library, bookstore or other location that fits the student or parent’s busy schedule.

Math is the most “popular” of the subjects that require tutoring. The educational professionals on staff work with material from a student’s classwork or homework in addition to standardized curriculum based on Florida Sunshine school requirements.

“We all need a little motivation every now and then to get us through some difficult times,” Alamdar said. “Especially during those times when grades are borderline or lower, and our energy needs a jump-start.”

Tutoring of students for any language is available, including English as a second language.

“We even have students receiving tutoring to learn languages for upcoming ventures outside of their native United States home,” Alamdar said. “Who wouldn’t want to have a comprehension advantage when traveling to foreign destinations?”

Edu World Tutors covers all subject areas and grade levels. It has thrived on building a service that accommodates students of every age, according to their personal needs and goals. A tutor is always available for an emergency session. The emergency could be a student having a test the following day or a businessperson being sent to a foreign country on short notice.

Students about to take standardized college entrance exams, including the SAT and ACE, may elect to receive short-term tutoring just prior to sitting for a test. Alamdar said it is especially helpful when students are preparing for the “dreaded writing sample portion. A little bit of help can go a long way to achieving the extra points needed for a college’s consideration.”

The ability to start and end tutoring at-will is also helpful to students hoping to receive college credit for Advance Placement courses taken in high school. Sometimes a quick refresher is all that is needed.

Alamdar is an expert in the tutoring profession, starting her previous company, Sterling Tutors, in 1995. She holds a bachelor’s degree in animal and veterinary science from West Virginia University. Both her master’s in mathematics/scientific education from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s in educational psychology from the University of Central Florida fully prepared her to run a tutoring company.

Alamdar also hopes to hear from educators who want to enhance their salaries. The manner in which Edu World Tutors conducts its business makes it easy and convenient for current teachers to supplement their income and also for retired teachers to augment their retirement benefits.

There are two specific ways a teacher can join the staff of Edu World Tutors, which are outlined on the company’s website. Interested parents, students and teachers should visit today.

For more information about Edu World Tutors, call 407-413-3961. 💓

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