Explore the Paths Less Traveled

When Matt Durfee, Bay Hill resident and founder of the career-services company Navigator Executive Advisors, discovered he could hike established trails in the United Kingdom without the discomfort of camping, he embarked on a “bucket list” adventure of his own. In 2010, he hiked across northern England along the entire route of Roman Emperor Hadrian’s Wall. In addition to fresh air, beautiful scenery and exercise, Matt also realized the adventure provided an effective way to recharge, reflect and reduce stress. Subsequent trips to the historic trails of England and Scotland; however, resulted in disappointment over the lack of upscale accommodations and less-strenuous tour alternatives. As a means of offering active, yet less-physically demanding, hiking options to travelers who also prefer to finish each memorable day with a glass of ale, wine or local spirits in a luxury hotel or a quaint country inn, Historic Hiking Adventures was launched. While the comforts of Old World charm are important to his guests, Matt is especially pleased with their reactions to being immersed in the historical significance of the tours. “It’s incredibly rewarding,” he said, “to witness the enchantment and wonderment of my fellow ‘Adventurers’ as they take in the breathtaking trails and historical sites that they would have otherwise never experienced had it not been for Historic Hiking Adventures.” Ranging from three to six dedicated days of hiking and exploration, the tours include ample time to visit museums; historical sites; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Newcastle, England. Tours are limited to 12 guests, do not involve strenuous backpacking (primary luggage is transported each day), and a luxury coach is always on hand for anyone opting to take a break from hiking.

For more information, call 800-367-1402, email mdurfee@navexec.com or visit www.historichikingadventures.com. ♥

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