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“That’s My Dad!” Photo Contest

William Shakespeare once wrote, “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” When Southwest fathers are not busy being all-around superheroes for their families, they are busy becoming experts on their children. From favorite toys to secret sayings, good dads share a bond with their children like no other. And the fathers in Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s milestone 24th annual That’s My Dad! photo contest are no exception.

Dads of the SW Orlando Bulletin Staff

This Father’s Day, the staff of Southwest Orlando Bulletin would like to thank our dads for their wisdom, humor and guidance throughout the years. They have rescued us from a flat tire on the side of a busy highway, scared off boogie-men in the middle of the night, and flipped the perfect pancake on Saturday mornings. Though residing from California to Florida, our fathers are never far from our thoughts and hearts.💓

Clay Kearney, president, with dad Dave Kearney (deseased).

“That’s My Dad!” Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winner of Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s 23rd annual That’s My Dad! photo contest!

KEEP ME IN STITCHES Dr. Phillips dad James Donovan and son Leo know laughter is the best medicine.

This annual photo album, dedicated to Southwest Orlando dads, is one way to say thanks for all the time spent on learning the ins and outs of fatherhood, and to show our local dads that they are loved and appreciated every day.

The staff of the Southwest Orlando Bulletin wishes a hearty happy Father’s Day to all Southwest dads!