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Messages of Support

Every day men and women in uniform set their personal safety aside to protect and serve members of our community. Whether they are police officers, firefighters, paramedics or other first responders, Southwest Orlando sleeps a little safer each night thanks to these individuals.

See below for outpourings of support from residents across Southwest.

There are not enough words to describe how thankful my family is for all the dedication and hard work that has been put forth by all first responders. They have dedicated their lives to keeping our community safe, and we are forever grateful.

Claudia Kelly

Silver Woods

Mama Louise Restaurant

Offering Authentic Italian Food Prepared With Love

There is nothing like a home-cooked meal, especially if the recipe has been passed down and perfected through generations. Mama Louise Restaurant is one place where you can have that experience without pulling out your own pots and pans and heading to the kitchen to try to prepare fresh Italian dishes.

The Orlando Repertory Theatre


Seeking to Educate and Enlighten Young Minds on the Merits of Theater

Sixteen years. That marks the number of years children in Orlando and beyond have been impacted by productions and theatrical opportunities of Orlando Repertory Theatre in Partnership With UCF, fondly known to many as The REP. First emerging in 2000 in partnership with UCF, The REP has continued its initial goal to …

SW Orlando Family Vacation Photos – 2016

Whether they involve snowballs, swimsuits or sightseeing, family vacations are often the most anticipated events of the year. From San Francisco to London to Jamaica to Thailand, Southwest residents have traveled the world with their families, creating picture-perfect memories along the way. The Southwest Orlando Bulletin staff extends a big thank-you to all the residents who participated in the seventh annual Family Vacation Photo Album, which is a true celebration of family and fun.

The Arts – 12th Annual

Orlando boasts an eclectic variety of cultural events, performance troupes and arts centers. Theater groups, museums and local attractions offer something to suit everyone. For those looking to learn for themselves, there are numerous music and dance schools, as well as art and acting studios that can teach students the skills they need to become true artists. Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s 12th annual The Arts segment offers an up-close look at some of the area’s most popular venues, groups and experienced schools …

SWB Back to School 2016

Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s 19th annual Back to School guide provides a comprehensive look at a variety of school-related topics. In the following articles, area experts offer insights into different concerns often brought about by the start of a new school year. For students, there is an article about social etiquette. For parents, there is information…

Eton Bridge: From Personalized Insurance to Personal Counsel

Eton Bridge Insurance Is Ready to Respond to Help You & Your Assets

In life, you can’t foretell when trials and tragedies will happen: when a loved one dies, when a house fire occurs, when unexpected bumps emerge in your path. However, there is a way to prepare for what life will bring, and that is getting quality insurance with a personal touch at Eton Bridge Insurance and Financial Solutions.

Dads of the SW Orlando Bulletin Staff

This Father’s Day, the staff of Southwest Orlando Bulletin would like to thank our dads for their wisdom, humor and guidance throughout the years. They have rescued us from a flat tire on the side of a busy highway, scared off boogie-men in the middle of the night, and flipped the perfect pancake on Saturday mornings. Though residing from California to Florida, our fathers are never far from our thoughts and hearts.💓

Clay Kearney, president, with dad Dave Kearney (deseased).

“That’s My Dad!” Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winner of Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s 23rd annual That’s My Dad! photo contest!

KEEP ME IN STITCHES Dr. Phillips dad James Donovan and son Leo know laughter is the best medicine.

This annual photo album, dedicated to Southwest Orlando dads, is one way to say thanks for all the time spent on learning the ins and outs of fatherhood, and to show our local dads that they are loved and appreciated every day.

The staff of the Southwest Orlando Bulletin wishes a hearty happy Father’s Day to all Southwest dads!

Huntington Learning Center: Helping Students Succeed in School & Life

For nearly 40 years, Huntington Learning Center has been helping students nationwide achieve and surpass their academic goals. Locally, Huntington Learning Center of Dr. Phillips, has been tutoring students for 17 years, the last seven of which have been at its current location in the Grand Oaks Village shopping center on Dr. Phillips Boulevard. The facility provides a calm and quiet environment, free of distractions, allowing students to …

Burgenstock Family … Doing What They Can for their Country

by Blair Parke

It’s no secret that most Americans appreciate all that the U.S. armed services and their families do to ensure the protection and safety of this nation. However, they don’t know what military life is really like unless they talk to those who are serving at the front lines overseas or at home: the months of separation, managing the household alone, and the feelings of anxiousness in wondering when and if loved ones will return …

Taylor Morrison: Building Homes, Not Just Houses

A house is more than a structure that provides shelter and a place to eat and sleep. Building relationships and creating lasting memories are what make a house a home. From newlyweds and companions to empty nesters and individual owners, Taylor Morrison has a house to …

SWB Mother’s Day One-Liners

Nothing Sweeter Than Mom & Apple Pie! Every year, the staff at the Southwest Orlando Bulletin harvests heartfelt, honest and funny passages from the entries submitted for the Best Mom in Southwest contest. This year was no exception. Even though all the submissions for the 25th annual contest could not be printed, the following one-liners…

Dave’s House

Providing a Home, Health and Hope for Those Living With Serious Mental Illness

by Kirsten Harrington

When Lin Wilensky’s brother died in 2007, she and her husband, Ron, knew they had to find a way to honor his life. Dave, Lin’s only sibling and lifelong mentor, had been in and out of hospitals for years, struggling with schizophrenia. When he eventually found safe, supportive housing, he became stable for the first time in quite a while.

“He was able to work part time, volunteer and make friends,” Lin said. “He lived the best life …

Accents Model and Talent Center

Dont Just Dream It, Do It!

Picture a girl short in stature, a bit overweight and extremely shy. Fast forward to this same young girl who later gained confidence and increased self-esteem that set her up for a life of success and assurance. This girl experienced a transformation that enabled her to embrace herself unconditionally.

What made such a difference in her attitude …

Florida Technical College … Your Future Starts Here!

If you have dreamed of making a career change, finishing your degree or owning your own business, Florida Technical College is your springboard to success. With six Central Florida campuses and dozens of fields of study, FTC offers bachelor’s and associate degrees and diploma programs to help you turn your dreams into reality. With convenient…

Dr. P. Phillips YMCA

Engage a child and you touch a life, touch a group of children and you change the world.

People may think of the  Dr. P. Phillips YMCA as only a workout destination. However, a closer look reveals layers of programs that touch lives in meaningful ways. From a young child timidly stepping onto a soccer field for the first time and soon forgetting his …

The JCC Opens Its New Events Center

A Dream Realized “If you will it, it is no dream.” More than 20 years ago, the dream of having an inclusive, welcoming community center was born. Today, that dream is a reality. Thanks to a recent 22,000-square-foot, $3.5 million expansion, The Jack & Lee Rosen Jewish Community Center is now better equipped than ever…

Dr. Christopher Walker Leads Girl Talk

Throughout their lives, women put a tremendous amount of stress on their bodies. From childbirth to menopause to the lasting effects of aging, many women struggle with feeling sexually confident, enjoying intercourse and managing vaginal medical issues. But there is hope for women who are looking to improve their vaginal health and appearance. UroGyn Specialists…

Pet Photo Contest 2016

Picture My Pet!  For 15 years, Southwest Orlando residents have showed off the modeling talents of their beloved pets in the annual Picture My Pet photo issue. And for 15 years, the staff of the Southwest Orlando Bulletin has had the privilege of reviewing hundreds of creative — and often funny — shots, showcasing everything from dogs…

Mama Louise Opens in The Marketplace!

 Shut Up and Eat! Mama Louise Restaurant — a new Italian eatery located in the spot of the former Cariera’s Cucina Italiana in The Marketplace at Dr. Phillips — was designed for the neighborhood locals to come, eat, spend time with their families, have fun and feel at home. Forty-year restaurateur and chef Joe Esposito…

Happily Ever After

An inside look at how four local couples keep their marriage strong by Lauren Salinero – Love can seem like something straight out of a fairy tale. The prince and princess instantly fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Reality takes a little bit more work. As the one day of the…

El Inka Grill Ceviche Now Open

There is an exciting, new restaurant in Dr. Phillips that is filled with fresh ingredients, bold flavors and vibrant colors just waiting to welcome you. El Inka Grill Ceviche, located in The Marketplace at Dr. Phillips, is the second location for chef and restaurateur Ivan Colombier. His first eatery, located in Hunter’s Creek, has been a favorite with local residents since…