For the Musical Artist in Everyone

Orlando Premier Music Instruction is the place to find the highest quality local music lessons for piano, guitar, voice, woodwind, brass, drums and more with professional and friendly music teachers, flexible lesson scheduling, lessons that suit your style and ability, and much more! It also offers after-school music classes in the areas of piano, guitar, dance, vocal expression, musical theater and drama in several locations around the greater Orlando area.

Orlando Premium Music Instruction

OPMI officials are proud to announce the company’s newest program, OPMI MusicFirst. This unique, cutting-edge “mommy & me” style of music curriculum is coming to your community! It is an affordable, research-based program fine-tuned to enhance the development of a child’s neurological connections, music intelligence, singing skills, sensitivity to beat, expressive movement, musical memory and preferences. Each parent/child in the class has an opportunity to work with a highly trained, talented and energetic instructor on a weekly basis throughout the course of six weeks.

For more information about Orlando Premier Music Instruction, call 407-963-5529, email or visit on the web.💓

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