Nothing Sweeter Than Mom & Apple Pie!

Every year, the staff at the Southwest Orlando Bulletin harvests heartfelt, honest and funny passages from the entries submitted for the Best Mom in Southwest contest. This year was no exception.

Even though all the submissions for the 26th annual contest could not be printed, the following one-liners were too cute to exclude:

“She is literally the best mom ever, throughout all of history, from before Jesus’ time to now.”
Mack McAleavey, 12
Cypress Point

“My mom is tough, because her back hurts, and she still carries a heavy baby.”
Brookes Green, 10
Southwest Orlando

“I love you more than I love myself.”
Ye’Liah Whitley, 6

“Mommy is what I call her, because she comforts me, and Mom doesn’t sound very comforting to me.”
Kathryn Emery, 11
Stoneybrook West

“She says I am everything to her, and that makes me happy.”
Ethan Hartfield, 6

“My life would fall apart without you.”
Gabriel Carvalho, 9

“She is cuter than me.”
Aluan Swanigan, 7

“She knows my Chipotle order word by word.”
Emma Segrest, 10

“The best thing of all is that she married an amazing guy.”
Caterina Giannini, 12
Phillips Bay

“When my life washes over me, my mom pulls me out of the waves.”
Sarah Lewis, 10
Winter Garden

“She buys toothpaste and toothbrushes, so the dentist does not drill my teeth full of cavities.”
Xavior Wery, 11

“Of all the gifts that God has to offer, my mother is the greatest of them all.”
Emily Wood, 12
Dr. Phillips

“My mom is amazing, because when it’s Earth Day, she recycles with me.”
Vicktoria Gutierrez, 7
Stone Creek

“Her hugs are filled with more love than a bucket that carries 1 billion gallons of soda.”
Dany Ammagui, 9

“I love her so much that I could always give her a cuddle.”
Chloe Gutierrez, 5
Dr. Phillips

“She is like the glue to our family; she keeps us stable and running.”
Holland Harris, 11
Bay Ridge

I could write 1 million reasons why my mom is the best mom.”
Nicholas DeGeorge, 12
Winter Garden

“Our bond is stronger than ebony.”
Michael Frazier, 10

“Life with my mom is a dream come true!”
Sarah Hanzaz, 8
Tuscany Ridge

“I got my eyes and nose from her.”
Amanda Zessin, 8
Hidden Beach

“My mom always succeeds in making my smile come out.”
Angelina Chiriboga, 9
Phillips Commons

“She is 10 times better than an ice cream cone with a cherry on top.”
Lilly Mayberry, 10
Sand Lake Hills

“She takes awesome pictures that could be in ESPN magazines.
Benjamin Foulk, 11
South Bay

“Because of her, I am the ‘Taylor’ I am now.”
Taylor Williams, 9
Clubhouse Estates

“She would go through lava to keep me safe.”
Jayden Castellon, 10
Lake Fischer Estates

“She gives grace to me whenever I do something wrong.”
Cole Martin, 12
Winter Garden

“I love her curly, poufy hair and all of her freckles.”
Tunui Buchin, 9

“She gets a little hot-headed, but I am always there to cool her down.”
Devin DiCastro, 10

“She loves me even though I can be annoying or stubborn.”
Justin Conenna, 11
Windsor Landing

“She is not just my mother, but my best friend.”
Amealia Hall, 10
Roberts Landing

“My mom is a present from God to me and my family.”
Samuel Silva, 13

“She has taught me the meaning of living, loving and giving.”
Aiden Browne, 11
Windermere Downs

“I remember when she stayed up more than 24 hours making my Halloween costume.”
Brody Cone, 10
Sand Lake Hills

“She isn’t that brave, so I was surprised to learn that she didn’t faint when I had surgery.”
Alexander Bori, 11

“When I’m in the dark, she brings the torch to light my heart and brings me into the light.”
Xavier Brown, 11
Lake Butler Sound

“She has an outstanding capacity to love.”
Evan Ryan, 11

“My mom can’t save the world, but she can save me from falling apart.”
Steven Grecco, 9
Winter Garden

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