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Maintaining Natural Stone

Proper care and attention keep this granite counter space in top condition (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Natural stone adds elegance and style to any home. With a nearly endless array of colors, textures and designs, it’s easy to create a one-of-a-kind look for your kitchen or bathroom. However, without proper care, carefully selected natural stone may quickly start to show wear and tear.

New Year, New Organic You

Organic eating can be easier than you think!

This organic oatmeal latte is easy to make, healthy and delicious (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

 The new year is a great time to reflect on your life and think about what you can do to become happier and healthier. There are many resolutions you can make, but one that can benefit you, your family, your community and the planet is eating more organic food. It can also be easier than you think.

Common Marketing Mistakes

by Marc Jablon, president

Imagine That Promo

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So you’re a proud independent agent. Maybe you bought a franchise or you were hired to work for one of the major brokerage firms, real estate agencies or perhaps you even sell insurance. There are major benefits of being an independent agent for a big-name company such as Century 21 Real Estate or …

Mixes for Mom

As Mother’s Day approaches, send up a round of cheers in honor of your No. 1 gal. With a thoughtful toast and a delicious Disaronno cocktail, Mom will certainly feel the love. Whether you are brunching at home or want to keep your bartender at a local restaurant on his toes, these Mother’s Day sips…

Managing Diabetic Pets at Home

Diabetic Pets Chances are good that most people know someone who has diabetes. However, they may not realize this disease that commonly affects humans is on the rise among dogs and cats. Like humans, a diagnosis of diabetes requires lifestyle changes and heightened health monitoring. Yet with proper care, a pet can live a full…

Dog Training

South Orlando Dog Training – by Todd Campbell –   For many dog breeds, “exercise, exercise, exercise,” is the mantra for keeping a dog out of trouble. You’ve heard the statement, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, a good dose of exercise could reduce your need for a local dog trainer, and,…