Relax in Comfort: The Sleep & Back Care Experts

A secondgeneration familyowned and operated business


Cutting-edge products at Relax in Comfort help customers maximize both their sleeping and waking hours.

Back pain and poor sleep aren’t new sensations for Central Florida residents. The first back care and sleep specialty store to open in the Southeast was founded in downtown Orlando in 1949.

Niagara Cyclo Massage Of Greater Orlando catered to the sore, stiff and sleep-deprived until it was acquired in 1967 by Anthony and Lucy DePaulis, who transformed the second-generation family-owned and -operated company into what it is today.

Approaching its 50th anniversary, Relax in Comfort prides itself as Central Florida’s original provider of back care and sleep specialists. Offering the cutting edge in zero-gravity seating, luxury massage chairs and advanced power sleep systems, the sleep and back care experts at Relax in Comfort are trained to help each customer find a solution that’s right for him or her.

“Every week we go through refreshers and training courses so we can be as up-to-date as possible on the latest equipment and techniques to achieve better sleep and lasting comfort,” sleep specialist Jackie Ricardo said. “We do this so we can help our customers find the perfect answer to their sleep and comfort needs.”

People seeking these solutions include everyone from those recovering from surgery or injury, those suffering from chronic pain, and regular people who are sick and tired of being sore and not getting enough sleep.

“Some people don’t realize what they need until they see and feel it in here, and many people don’t think their bed is the issue,” Ricardo said. “But in reality, the bed is almost always the main culprit.”

Once customers enter the store, they receive a complete education about how to sleep better, feel better and relieve pain, and are able to immediately feel the relief of Relax in Comfort’s products. It’s when the lightbulb goes off — being elevated in bed, improving breathing and relaxing muscles — that’s the secret to sleeping and feeling better.

Relax in Comfort carries highly venerated wellness brands such as Comfortaire, Inada, Reverie, Human Touch, Leggett & Platt, Select Comfort and Panasonic.

“We show our customers how, with our power sleep systems, they’re not just stuck to only one firmness,” Ricardo said. “Each person has different needs, and our beds let customers customize and personalize their mattress to their own sleep style.”

Relax in Comfort also allows customers to renew and refresh their beds over time instead of buying a new bed over and over again.

“That’s part of the magic,” Ricardo said

The exciting, new line of Reverie Sleep Systems goes a step beyond in terms of customization by targeting specific areas of the body that may need more or less support. The Comfortaire brand offers the split-top with Attune Design that gives more than 100 unique and personalized sleep settings. GS Supreme and GS Elite models feature second-generation technology that allows couples to cuddle while providing individual elevation of both the head and foot sections. Sleep Number’s FlexTop models elevate the leg section in tandem only.

“There’s nothing I can say that will help people feel what we have in here,” Ricardo said. “There’s no pressure. Just education. Once people actually feel it, they believe it. Experiencing what we offer is everything.”

Throughout the years, Relax in Comfort has catered to thousands of customers, including celebrities like Orlando Magic players John Amaechi and Shaquille ONeal as well as local mayors, community leaders, health care practitioners and tens of thousands of Florida residents. In fact, referrals from previous satisfied customers continue to be its top source of bringing in new customers. Orlando resident and three-time PGA Tour Winner Chris DiMarco is counted as a very satisfied customer of Relax In Comfort and has been an ambassador of the company since his power adjustable bed delivery in 2008.

Touting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Relax in Comfort features a low-price guarantee and zero-interest financing available all the time. Installation is always included with purchase.

Ricardo said being a family-owned and -operated business makes them accountable to the community.

“I run into my customers all the time in Publix, in the UPS store, you name it. Knowing we’re part of the community adds credibility to what we offer.”

Relax in Comfort also gives back to the global community.

“When we install a new sleep system, we donate the former beds to charity,” Ricardo said. “It’s our mission to help everyone have a better night’s sleep and help people everywhere feel better.”

Relax in Comfort is located in Suite 116 at 4750 The Grove Drive in Windermere. For more information, call 407-217-7620. 💓

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