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Millennium Homes Realty Offers a Personal Approach to Real Estate

By choosing Millennium Homes Realty, clients get a two-person team dedicated to their every need.

One of the most stressful experiences many adults will face is buying or selling a home. For a buyer, from sifting through an inundation of houses to choosing the right investment to inspections and financing; and for a seller, from the overwhelming options of marketing to staging and open houses to closing, the process can be vastly overwhelming. That’s where Courtney Shoultz and Francisco “Cisco” Chavez of Millennium Homes Realty LLC come in. They are committed to walking their clients through each process with an unparalleled personal approach, whether it is buying, listing, renting, flipping, new construction or investing.

“Whenever someone hires us, they get a two-person team who is there with them every step of the way,” Courtney said.

Courtney has a passion for staging and organizing properties. She dreamed of going into the real estate industry, and when she moved into her current neighborhood and met Cisco, who lives a couple of houses down, their partnership was the perfect fit.

Cisco, a University of Central Florida alumnus who attended Dr. Phillips High School, grew up in Southwest Orlando and has extensive knowledge of the area. He is also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Francisco started investing in and flipping properties as a teenager. He believes in real estate as a great investment, as the American dream.

“A lot of folks are intimidated with the whole process,” Cisco said. “I show them it’s not as difficult as it may seem and not as daunting, so they can achieve those dreams.”

Courtney Shoultz and Francisco “Cisco” Chavez assist with every detail of purchasing a home, including choosing the best features and design.


When it comes to buying a new construction or presale home, a lot of the steps can be overwhelming. From inspections to walkthroughs to financing, it can take a third eye to make sure everything is in the right place. Courtney and Cisco provide that outside perspective with inside knowledge.

During pre-construction through a builder, they can often negotiate incentives like cash toward closings, upgrades and more that the buyer would otherwise be unaware were available. They can also help clients avoid common pitfalls, such as loading up the house with extras that don’t add value to the home. Clients go to a design center and get excited about all the different options but may not realize what makes a good investment for the future.

“We’re not just thinking about the sale,” Cisco said. “We’re thinking long term.”

“We’re not looking to do just high volume sales,” Courtney said. “We’re more of a boutique real estate company, looking to be interactive with clients and be there for them.”


For clients looking to list their homes, Courtney and Cisco go to great lengths to be a one-stop shop for everything a seller may need. As a professional photographer, Cisco also includes photography, videography and drone services with every listing.
“We even offer staging advice to make a home show-room ready for open houses,” Courtney said.

Cisco strongly believes that when a person invests in a home, he or she is investing into the local community. He and Courtney walk their clients through inspections, appraisals and more to make sure they understand each step of the process and make it as smooth of a
transaction as possible.

Satisfied Customers

“A native of Orlando, Francisco has an in-depth knowledge of the local market that was invaluable to us as we searched for our new home,” Ryan said. “We relocated from the Midwest and didn’t even know where to begin. Francisco took the time to get to know us and helped steer us toward, not only the perfect house, but also the right location. He figured out what we wanted before we did.”

“For anyone looking for a Realtor they can trust who will work hard for [them], Courtney and Francisco are what the doctor ordered,” Scott said. “Courtney went above and beyond repeatedly, making extra efforts beyond what any Realtor should do and did so diplomatically and effectively. We couldn’t have done it without Courtney.”

“[Cisco’s] experience and knowledge of this area is outstanding,” Heather said. “He patiently guided us through various neighborhoods, helping us to find the perfect home to meet our needs within our budget. Francisco takes the time to find his clients their perfect home. He never made us feel rushed or pushed.”

When it comes to finding a Realtor, clients want someone they can trust, someone who lives in and knows the communities they are buying or selling in, and a neighbor who has their best interests at heart. Courtney and Cisco provide that personal touch that makes every client feel secure in the knowledge they are getting the most out of their real estate investment.

For more information about Millennium Homes Realty LLC, call Courtney Shoultz at 352-363-0150 or Francisco Chavez at 407-694-6686. ♥

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