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Andy Phillips Prepares Clients for Hurricane Season

Andy Phillips of State Farm Insurance Co. has been providing excellent care and coverage for his clients for nearly 46 years. In 2013, he opened Andy Phillips State Farm Insurance Co. in Dr. Phillips. His highly trained and experienced staff includes his wife and office manager, Connie, who has been with State Farm for 31 years.

“Our mission is to be able to help all our clients with whatever situation they may be facing and to attract new customers, especially those moving into the area.”

Though State Farm’s philosophy of taking care of customers’ needs has stayed the same throughout the years, Andy has observed major changes to the ways in which customers can access their insurance policies.

“Years ago, customers had to come in to get policies, make changes, submit payments, etc.,” he said. “Now, they can do all of that online or over the phone. I still try to interact with our clients the best that I can, following up on claims and chatting with everyone who comes through our door. We are like family and take pride in being on a first-name basis with our customers. When we have a customer with a son or daughter who is nearing the age to drive, I always ask the parents to bring them in so that I can talk about the responsibilities of having a driver’s license.”

Andy Phillips of State Farm Insurance Co. builds trust to help clients get exactly what they need from their policies.

A large part of Andy’s job involves educating his clients, ensuring that they get the right coverage.

“Initially, some customers only care about price,” Andy said. “We do our best to work within their budgets, but there are certain lines we won’t cross. We would feel like we are doing the customer a disservice if we did not sell them exactly what they need. Our business is built on trust. We sell customers high-quality insurance that offers peace of mind knowing they’re going to be covered in a catastrophic event. That’s the secret to our success.”

Andy is an active member of the community and seeks out opportunities to educate others on the topic of hurricanes.

“I’ve done presentations for the Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce, as well as many Realtor groups,” he said. “I share charts about how many hurricanes have come through this area, which many people are surprised by. I provide information for the Realtors to pass along to their clients moving from other states who are unfamiliar with hurricanes and hurricane coverage. Many newcomers to the state of Florida believe they do not need as much hurricane coverage because we are inland. I try to educate everyone on how to prepare for a hurricane and what to do if you suffer any hurricane damage.”

The Atlantic hurricane season started June 1, and the 2017 Weather Co. hurricane forecast prediction this season is 14 named storms; seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes. This year’s forecast is near the average of the actual named storms and hurricanes from 1981-2010.
Andy has a few tips to make sure you and your family are prepared in case we experience a hurricane this year:

  • Make sure your homeowners insurance policy is up-to-date. You will not be able to make any changes or add coverage once a hurricane has been declared.
  • Make arrangements ahead of time in case an evacuation is mandated. Research your evacuation routes and secure living arrangements with friends or relatives. Don’t forget about pets.
  • Prepare a survival kit that includes water, nonperishable food, first-aid supplies, a flashlight and batteries, and an amount of cash (banks and ATMs may not be in operation).
  • Make sure you have an ample supply of medications on hand during hurricane season.

Andy Phillips State Farm Insurance Co. is located above Starbucks in Plaza Venezia at 7608 W. Sand Lake Road in Orlando. For more information, call 407-354-1320, email or visit ♥

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