A “Whole Self” Approach

Dr. Marissa Magsino strives to nurture the physical and spiritual sides of her patients

A holistic approach to healing — integrating the mind, body and spirit — is how Marissa Magsino, M.D., operates MetroWest Internal Medicine. Bumatako, a Filipino term that means “I’m young again,” is an iconic representation of Dr. Magsino’s commitment to a treatment that concentrates on the individual goals of her patients. Turning back the clock and regaining vitality and energy naturally is at the core of her philosophy when treating men and women regarding the effects of aging.


Dr. Magsino uses a variety of specialized techniques to help patients feel better and bring more power, passion and performance into their lives. Age-related conditions include menopause, decreased sex drive, low testosterone, incontinence, nutritional imbalances, fatigue, immune system disorders and more.

Learning from first-hand experience as she began the journey into menopause, Dr. Magsino looked for an alternative to traditional synthetic hormone replacement therapy, which some reports link to the possible development of some cancers.

Marissa Magsino, M.D., uses a variety of specialized techniques to help patients feel better and younger.

Subsequently, she pursued and completed a fellowship in functional and regenerative medicine centered on bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT). Not only did she embrace this therapy herself, she treated hormonal imbalances in her middle-age patients. BHRT is designed to replace the hormones to levels that normally exist in youthful men and women. Using the body’s organs, it has proven to be a safe way to lower the risk of age-related diseases and improve physical function and appearance.

Stress, poor nutrition, hormone imbalance and exposure to the elements are just a few factors that contribute to the aging process. Another revolutionary alternate method designed to reverse the effects of aging is platelet-rich plasma, which is blood plasma enriched with platelets containing fibroblast, collagen and growth factors, and is used to stimulate repair in various parts of the body. PRP treatments are now being used to increase collagen in the face and also to improve joint healing and reduce inflammation from conditions such as tendonitis.

Weight gain can be another factor of getting older. Dieting and exercising can certainly help, but hormone imbalances, as well as poor nutrition, also contribute to those pesky pounds that do not seem to want to fall by the wayside.

Dr. Magsino has developed an individualized nutritional weight-loss program that helps patients achieve total body balance that begins with a modified elimination diet and detoxification. An additional treatment, if desired by the patient, is human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections that help the retention of muscle and loss of unwanted fat.

Though treating physical conditions is obviously important to Dr. Magsino, it is the “whole self” approach that is truly her passion as she practices medicine.

As a young girl growing up in the Philippines, she would accompany her aunt, who was a physician, on her rounds. It was then that she learned to have compassion for the many people who were suffering from various illnesses.

“I saw the beauty of helping other people feel better,” Dr. Magsino said. “Not just nurturing the physical, but the spiritual as well.”

Inspired, she earned her medical degree at the University of the East, Philippines. She then practiced medicine in her home country for 25 years. She moved to the U.S. after meeting her husband and subsequently received a medical degree at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, specializing in internal medicine and pediatrics. She has worked as a primary care physician in Orlando since 1997. She also completed fellowship training for the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine, and a certification in sexual health.

When treating a patient, Dr. Magsino said that she looks at the entire lifestyle of the patient. Instead of just treating one condition, she looks at activity, mindfulness, sleep, stress, difficult situations the patient is enduring, and nutrition.

“Medicine is an art and a science,” she said.

MetroWest Internal Medicine has two locations: 7450 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Suite 201, Orlando; and 10727 Narcoossee Road, Orlando. For more information, call 407-292-6778 or visit www.marissamagsino.com on the web.💓

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