The Queen of Versailles Set Her Sights on Broadway

Jackie Siegel can truly do almost anything. The versatile “Queen of Versailles” is a devoted wife to Westgate Resorts founder David Siegel, a proud mother of eight, philanthropist, socialite, beauty pageant director, co-founder of the Victoria’s Voice Foundation, as well as the star of the hit reality show The Queen of Versailles Reigns Again on HBO Max. The Windermere resident now is also the subject of an upcoming Jackie Siegel Broadway Show.

“My family and I spent a lot of time on the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier and Westgate Cocoa Beach resort [during the pandemic],” Jackie said.

“I was approached by a woman, Lindsey Ferrentino, who recognized me and mentioned that she was a playwright.”

The chance meeting led the two women to begin working on a script based on Jackie’s life.

“Lindsey put the script together and presented it to some Broadway contacts in New York. Now, here we are several years later with an amazing team [including producer Bill Damaschke, director Michael Arden and composer Stephen Schwartz]. Kristin Chenowith — who is producing as well — has signed on to play me.”

Jackie Siegel Broadway Show

Jackie said the show is about one to two years away from hitting Broadway.

In the meantime, Jackie recently had the opportunity to meet Chenowith.

“I flew down to Naples at the end of March to see one of her performances, and that’s when she had officially announced to the audience, from the stage, that she was going to be portraying me,” she said. “She put a spotlight on me in the middle of the audience and had me stand and wave to everyone, which was very exciting.”

Later, Chenowith flew with the Siegels on their private jet to Orlando to get a glimpse into the life of Jackie.

“We had a Queen of Versailles Broadway show celebration party during the trip from Naples to Orlando, which was a lot of fun,” Jackie said.

While in town, Chenowith toured Versailles, which is still in the construction phase. Jackie said there was an instant bond between the two.

Windermere residents Jackie and David Siegel.

“She spent time in my closet, and we bought some matching outfits together, and I presented her with matching sashes,” she said. “Kristin says she is trying to capture my Endwell accent. I didn’t even realize I still had an accent!”

As for the notable height difference, Jackie said, “Kristin is a petite version of me, but she has such a magnificent stage presence that more than makes up for it.”

While fans may have to wait a while before the Broadway show comes to fruition, they can tune in this summer for Season 2 of the popular Queen of Versailles Reigns Again. The reality show was even nominated for a Realscreen award this past year. Season 1 chronicled Jackie and her family in an attempt to finish construction on their 90,000-square-foot palace.

“Versailles had a lot of damage from Hurricane Ian, and unfortunately, the rooms that were finished are the rooms that got destroyed during the hurricane,” Jackie sadly noted. “We are hoping the home will be complete in a year from now.

“The race is on to see who can get Versailles completed first — us or the Broadway stage version,” Jackie added jokingly.

Jackie enjoys giving back to the community in any way she can. In 2010, she opened Thrift Mart, an upscale thrift store in Ocoee, where the motto is “Locals Helping Locals.”

She is currently working with contractors to renovate that location. Jackie said she is so grateful for the life she has and values every opportunity to give back to others.

“I never expected to build Versailles or to have a Broadway show,” she said. “I must have an angel somewhere looking out for me. I try to always do as much as I can for people. Even when I didn’t have money, I would offer to help clean people’s houses or babysit for them. I think it’s all coming back to me.”

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