SWB Summer Kids Calendar 2017

Summer is approaching, and soon, the school year will be over. If you’re seeking kid-friendly activities to keep your children entertained, active and out of trouble, then look no further. Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s annual Summer Kids Calendar provides great ideas to get you started.

Campers learn self-esteem while experiencing modeling and more at The Maile Image, Modeling & Acting School.

Best Fest Photo Album

The West Orange Chamber of Commerce held its 15th annual Best FestThe Taste of West Orange” along the shores of Starke Lake in Ocoee. More than 60 food and drink vendors treated attendees to mouthwatering samples.

SWB Tourism Update/Bacchus Bash/CFHLA

Bacchus BashCentral Florida Hotel & Lodging Association Board of Directors Chairman David Bartek (far right) and CFHLA Bacchus Bash Committee Chairman Louis Robbins (far left) stop by the Paramount Hospitality Management — Resort Collection booth.

On Friday, March 31, the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association produced the 31st annual Bacchus Bash fundraising event, benefiting the CFHLA Foundation, a nonprofit organization that has supported many Central Florida hospitality students and schools throughout the past 10 years.

A Glimpse Under the Sea!

Sea Life Orlando Aquarium Houses 1,000+ Underwater Creatures

At Sea Life Orlando Aquarium, guests get an up-close look at fish and other sea life from around the world (photo ©Matt Marriott).

With 71 percent of the earth’s surface covered by water, it is no surprise that humans have an endless curiosity for life under the waves.

Happy Earth Day!

Feed Your Soul With Planet-Friendly Dishes

by Kirsten Harrington

Earth Day is April 22, so why not take time to celebrate Mother Nature by trying some fun, new recipes? From green smoothies to tempting yet healthy desserts, there are plenty of ways to please your taste buds and the planet.

Veggie Lovers

Incorporating more vegetarian or vegan recipes into your diet is a sure way to reduce your carbon footprint. Try going meatless one or two days a week or using smaller portions of meat to flavor your meals. Buying local seasonal products will add a flavor-boost to meals and leave less of an impact on the planet.

Classic Italian Cuisine in a Vibrant Atmosphere!

The subtitle “Cucina Italiana” means Italian kitchen, in which all cooking is done in full view of the guest, creating the energy of a live theater. Bravo’s popular entrees include grilled steaks, chops and fresh seafood, as well as flatbreads, pizzas and salads, similar to what one would find in an authentic ristorante in Italy. The 7,482-square-foot restaurant includes indoor seating for 233, two private dining rooms that can each accommodate up to 30, and an outdoor terrace that seats 122.

Facilitating a Positive Career Transition

Secrets From a Reluctant Expert

Matt Durfee, president of Navigator Executive Advisors, uses his own experiences to help others in the often-overwhelming process of job searching.

It happens to many of us at one time or another in our careers. Our employer lets us go without any warning or the company needs to downsize, and we find ourselves without income or self-esteem. Because it happened to one particular executive from the Orlando area, a new company was formed and an award-winning book was written.

Matt Durfee, president of Navigator Executive Advisors, was vice president of human resources for Centex Homes when the housing bubble burst in 2006. In a very short amount of time, he went from …